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 While GIDGET'S BAD HABIT  has not been an active Performing band in several years,.. they never actually "split up" as a band. They have however,.. performed in other projects both together and individually. Original Members,.. Ron Karis, Ronnie Lee, and Randy Stockum are currently engaged in a studio project together, and are recording their first CD of Original songs that they hope to have released by Christmas of 2003. Whether that project will carry the Gidget's Bad Habit moniker remains to be seen, however, you can be assured that project will be announced on this site when it is finished.

Ladies and Gentlemen,.. Here they are,.. GIDGET'S BAD HABIT!

RONNIE LEE - Lead Vocals/ Keyboards/Guitar/Songwriter-

RON KARIS - Guitar/Vocals/Congas/Bass/Drums/Songwriter

STEVE CHOATE- Drums, Percussion, Guitars,Mandolin,Vocals,Songwriter- (Steve is a former member of GBH that we are hoping will return as a Full Member. He will be involved in the recording of our First Original CD project.}

RANDY STOCKUM- Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards, Drums, Songwriter-